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Housing Is Broken.

It’s Time Housing Got Smart.

Expensive. Wasteful. Low-Quality.

You deserve better.

Our planet deserves better.

We can all win.

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Better. Faster. Affordable. Sustainable.

We believe we can solve the housing crisis through mass production using physics-first principals.

Phones, cars, your AirPods…

They’ve gotten smarter, they integrate with your life, and they let you focus on what’s important to you.

It’s time housing catches up.

Everyone can win.

Companies can still make their money.

You can get a house that reflects YOU without leaving you house-poor.

We can do this without being even more of a burden on the planet.

The industry hasn’t changed (and isn’t looking like it will any time soon)…

So, we’re going to put our experience changing industry standards to use, roll up our sleeves, and do it.

Justin Armendariz

Justin Armendariz


Autumn Knopf

Autumn Knopf


We get đź’© done.

Justin has built multiple profitable businesses and provides services to some of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies.

“I remove barriers and I get things done.” -Justin

We can do this with our four-phased approach:

#1 – Reduce Waste – optimize production systems
#2 – Reduce/Eliminate parts and swap with sustainable alternatives
#3 – Creating parts entirely out of recycled materials
#4 – Rinse, repeat

Yeah – it’s a lot. We aren’t here to play small and we have a plan.

We have a history of success.

We’re starting with…

The Studio.


The Studio is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that can fit in your backyard and can be used as a home office, yoga studio, man cave, or a quiet sanctuary to escape the children. Coming in 2023.

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